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The Man Rules

Jul 17, 2019

"If it's true that men want sex 24/7, what does it mean if he won't have sex with me?" 

"Why won't he engage in foreplay before sex or cuddling after? There's no affection or intimacy."

"Why is sex only about what he wants? Doesn't what I want matter?"
If you're a woman who has asked yourself these questions about your man, you are certainly not alone. Why are these issues so common in relationships? And what can be done about it?  
This week, Allen Berger is back to help Dan shed some light on the thing that often prevents men from experiencing real intimacy through sex--fear. Specifically, the fear of violating the man rule pertaining to sex, which frankly might also be called "the porn rule" because so much porn reinforces a very narrow perspective on what men should want, how they should behave, and how they should approach sex in general--but, we digress. 
Listen for a very candid discussion of the fears and false beliefs that likely limit your man's expression of his sexuality and find out how to work alongside him in overcoming them.