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The Man Rules

Mar 25, 2019

One of  the most frequently mentioned Man Rules is “don’t be weak.” As a result, many men end up feeling ashamed when they become ill or injured. “Don’t be weak” may also be at the heart of a man’s resistance to acknowledging his, and everyone’s, ultimate weakness--that they are mortal.

Rick Belden is back on this week’s show to talk with Dan about facing unexpected major illnesses, and reckoning with the inevitable--and often unpredictable--end of life.

We know—This episode sounds like a total drag. Why would anyone want to spend 45 minutes of their already too-short lives listening to two guys talk about death? Well…

Because it’s something we all have to make peace with at one time or another, and it's hard to make peace with anything you aren’t comfortable talking about. We hope this conversation might open doors to your own conversations with your friends and loved ones about the ultimate end, and how you can all support one another in the precious meantime.