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The Man Rules

Oct 8, 2018

In this episode of The Man Rules podcast, Dan and Andrea struggle along with the rest of American through a conversation about Brett Kavanaugh, gender-based privilege, and the politicization of victimhood. All of those are fancy words for some real “complicated shit.”

By the end of the episode, the honorable podcast hosts both rule in favor of self-reflection as critical to growth and the development of real, meaningful and lasting success. Without it, one could remain frozen in adolescence, using the same old markers of success from his high school and college days--love of beer, sly references to esoteric sexual innuendos, athletic and academic achievements, and did he mention his love of beer?-- as markers of success when he’s in his fifties. That would indicate that he might be a man who, when he became a man, failed to put away childish things. (Just sayin’.) Sadly, protracted adolescence is nothing new for a lot of men. The Man Rules and how we raise boys to be men sets a lot of men up for that but how do we support them in taking responsibility for it?

Lack of self-reflection can leave one blind to their own privilege, blind to the power that often comes with that privilege, and unaware that they can do real damage with the choices they make. One man’s “silly” behavior, is another man’s - or woman’s -  abusive and demeaning behavior.

At the end of the day, it can be really hard to see The Water sometimes. Especially when there's a benefit to not seeing how other people may be drowning in the same water in which we are swimming so freely. How do you know the difference? Well it certainly has to happen in conversation with other. And we have to listen to others. And believe their truth. That cannot happen without humility. And one cannot have humility when they simply stand in judgment of others.